Services. What I offer

Project Management

I Create Change One Leader at a Time. Creator of strategies to plan, organize and control organizational activities that ensure an agency’s objectives are achieved within budget and on schedule, with the least amount of risk. I seek people-centric information technology projects that articulate a vision for change, my team and I use best-practice techniques to focus on process improvement by championing a tools and techniques approach that takes advantage of existing expertise and experience.

Training and 360-degree Assessments

I am an expert at creating solutions for our customers. My staff and I create training plans, programs of instruction and lesson plans, and facilitate workshops and training events. We provide evaluations and assessments, and test and validate solutions. We participate in and lead conferences and workshops, as well as conduct executive coaching and facilitate 360-degree feedback sessions.

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is an inquiry-based approach to personal and professional development that is aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth. My focus is on improving performance by helping individuals gain clarity on barriers to growth and to assist them in developing and sustaining new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors.

Organizational Change

I improve our client’s operations and cause a shift in culture through the power of facilitated collaboration. I do that by matching employee-based knowledge with best practices to manage changing environments. I maximize ways to achieve organizational goals by understanding needs and motivation, setting milestones, executing plans, and then continuously assessing and eliminating friction For over a decade I have been executing fully integrated campaigns that leverage technology and marketing can offer to build brands while generating demand.

Web Design

Lead organizational efforts to establish, create, design, deploy, and maintain web portals with a greater than 99% availability rate. Manage a help desk and monitor numerous web communities continuously, as well as plan and prepare for disaster recovery. My media department creates and manage user accounts, respond to trouble tickets, patch and update software, access and use databases, create and interpret key performance indicators, manage content, use email systems and tools, and interact with customer/member populations.

Content Creation and Digital Communications

I use the latest tools to document all types of content, including digital, audio, photography video, and print media. We incorporate traditional media and public relations services onto our already strong digital backbone. For over a decade we have been executing fully integrated campaigns that leverage technology and marketing can offer to build brands while generating demand.