Portfolio. What I've done

Project Management Consultant

Third-party sub-contractor to Kaplan University to create, and then facilitate, hybrid delivery methodologies for on-site learning facilities supporting government organizations at multiple sites across the United States. I created project plans, managed project controls, made recommendations and/or decisions and communicated progress to key stakeholders. Worked closely with project sponsor and provided status updates and routine briefings to manage risk to the organization.

Business Process Improvement Consultant

Led a team to compete for and win a contract with the State of Texas TX ARNG for Customer Service Evaluation Services for the Texas Military Department. Provided a project plan to the client for project planning, coordination and implementation guidance within the timelines allotted by the statement of work. Monitored and observed staff operations to record operational processes and capture best practices. Provided analysis and recommendations based on industry metrics, which included briefings, in-stride updates and a final report.

Professional Training and Coaching

Led ten 1.5-day leader development course programs for 3+ years where each participant completes coursework, develops a personal True Growth® Model worksheet, self-reflection time, learns to journal, completes a life story exercise. Provided 1-hour coaching for 187 military members and federal employees (GS11-GS15), incorporating multi-source 360° feedback instrument and assisted clients in the creation of action plans for creating positive change within themselves.

Writer and Editor

Revise copy and illustrations from an outdated 418-page manuscript as necessary to fully update for publication for a new edition. As Editor and writer, delivered to the Publisher a complete manuscript within a 12-month period of performance that was acceptable to the publisher in content and form. The manuscript consisted of corrections and additions of information made to purchaser-provided data file of source content, and produced a computer disk containing the typed text of all new material and a hardcopy version. New text, photographs, and drawings were keyed on the manuscript and positioned consecutively in order of their appearance. Captions were provided for all illustrations and were keyed according to the illustrations' locations in the Work. Manuscript pages were numbered (in pencil) in a single sequence and keyed appropriately in the margin where each photo or drawing was to appear.

Project Manager

Provided project management support services to a Defense Department customer as a sub-contractor to prime Strategic Knowledge Solutions. Provided autonomous support to executives and management in creating a culture of change. A subject matter expert on how best to create, organize, apply and transfer both tacit and explicit knowledge using a variety of methods such as Lean and Six Sigma techniques and by championing a series of best practice approaches. Day-to-day duties included evaluation and analysis, providing change management recommendations and technology implementation advice, strategy development, coaching, and developing ways for improved operations. Developed solutions for the customer in how to use technologies and collaborative solutions, including identifying best practices using networked enterprise platforms and software tools. Experienced in developing and using online communities and portals and facilitation skills to monitor continuous improvement across the organization using face-to-face and asynchronous techniques.

Subject Matter Expert

Third party consultant to Fors Marsh Group providing subject matter expertise for the Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences project creating Training Guides for Squad and Team Leaders and their Soldiers. Consults with researchers and field staff, reviews documents, approaches and situations relating to the process of creating training guides for squad and team-level military leaders.